The Cat's Prayer

    by Phylis Feiner Johnson   

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The following poem appears elsewhere on the Internet attributed to an anonymous author. In fact, I wrote it in 1996, on commission from a company called Pet Grafix Ink. I believe they printed it in poster form, although I have never seen a printed copy. The firm now appears to be out of business, but the prayer seems to taken on a life of its own. If any reader possesses or has seen one of the originals, please email me -- I'd love to track one down! I hope you enjoy the prayer. May it bring you and your feline friends joy and comfort.

Treat me kindly, dear master. Accord me the courtesy due to a cat and I for my part will love you, amuse you and cheer your heart as only a cat can do.

Give me a sunny spot to sleep in when morning dawns and I will warm your lap on cold evenings.

Respect my independence and my need to walk alone at times and I will look after myself, so that you may come and go as you please.

Speak to me in our secret kitty language, let me hear my name sung in the music of your voice, and I will meow happily in sweet harmony with you.

Stroke my fur gently and lovingly and I will soothe you with the soft purrs that can only come from a happy cat.

Indulge my curiosity and I will show you the joys of bird watching, star gazing and other kitty pleasures.

Play with me and see me rejoice! Toss a humble ball of yarn and I will delight you with my cleverness and acrobatic leaps.

But do not laugh at me or allow me to be teased for there is nothing I prize more than my dignity.

Keep my surroundings neat and clean and I will be fastidious in my habits.

Feed me and be fair and I will teach you how to tell "kitty time" by instinct and tummy tunes.

And when I am old and the time comes to say farewell, hold me gently in your arms and I will go without a whimper.

For with you I am trusting, safe and secure. A cat who walked alone but loved you with a full and happy heart.

Copyright 2005 Phylis Feiner Johnson All Rights Reserved